Automotive Upholstery Cleaning

We now offer automotive interior cleaning for your SUV, car or truck! Our high-powered equipment, properly trained technicians and custom treatment process are proven to make your car or truck interior look new and be bacteria-free! We also have a variety of automotive fragrances for your car or trucks interior.


How much time do you spend in your car? Like most Americans, driving to and from work and after-work events adds up to hours in your car. The effects of spending so much time in your car or truck can be unhealthy to your car’s interior. Do you eat or drink in your car? Have you ever spilled food or drinks in your car? If you can answer yes to either of those questions, your car or truck interior is probably a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria feed on other bacteria and moisture. It can cause health problems such as the common cold and allergies.

Every time you leave your car and walk through the shopping mall, bathroom, office, etc., you bring all of the bacteria back to your vehicle. .  Understanding the effects of bacteria and how to clean it is very important, which is why Aqualux can help find the right solution for your car or trucks needs.

Organic Soil

Organic soil is anything that contains carbons. This includes body oils, mold, yeast, animal fats, bugs, bacteria and carbohydrates. All of these can cause bacteria and odor. Aqualux uses special solutions to combat and remove these types of organic soil. The last thing you want is for mold and mildew to start accumulating in your car.

Non-organic Soil

Non-organic soil does not contain carbons and is typically not found inside your car or truck. This type of soil is caused by automotive detergents or rain. The easiest way to remove this type of soil is to simply wash it off of the exterior. If one of these non-organic products is spilled on your car or truck’s interior then it must be cleaned the proper way. Every cleaner needs a solvent to remove the soil. We use special solvents to remove any form of chemical soil in your car or truck. Each solution is designed to remove a specific type of soil and each treatment is different. Our technicians have the knowledge to remove even the toughest of stains.


Unfortunately, just driving through the car wash and wiping up can only do so much. Accumulated use, spots and spills will lead to a dingy interior. Bacteria will start to spread from the organic soil left behind. Like most people, you probably lock your car up tight, rolling the windows up. You car can get very hot during the Texas summer, and all that trapped air will start causing a sour stench. To truly get your car interior cleaned and sanitized, you need professional help!

Aqualux offers hot water extraction services (aka steam cleaning) for auto upholstery and carpet. Get rid of stale odors and unhealthy, bacteria-laden surfaces. Enjoy a clean, fresh environment with a desirable smell! Our steam-cleaning method penetrates deep into the carpet and upholstery fibers to lift out all dirt, grease and soil. In addition, the heat from our truck-mounted cleaning system will help to eliminate germs and bacteria, getting rid of any lingering odors. Plus you can choose the fragrance you want to freshen up your automotive interior.

We have the science, equipment and expertise to tackle the most difficult of stains and built-up grime. You can’t control the traffic, construction  or weather, but you can make your commute a lot more pleasant with an Aqualux auto interior steam cleaning. Feel confident knowing that you, your friends and your family are not only riding in style, but also in an odor-free and bacteria-free vehicle.