Carpet Cleaning Benefits

It’s not just top-quality solvents that get your carpet clean, it’s the technicians who know just the right solution for your carpet type. Nowhere will you find better carpet cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and we can back it up. Check our reviews on Google or Yelp!

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Our carpet cleaners are uniformed and trained to provide you with the highest quality carpet care and service available. Our certified technicians have had years of experience in the carpet-cleaning industry. They will guide you through the cleaning process and answer any questions that you may have. We strive for 100% satisfaction with every customer!

Customized Cleaning Solutions

AquaMaxx, our exclusive anti-bacterial solution, provides instant control and removal of bacteria caused by spills, food, pet urine and odor-causing bacteria. AquaMaxx also has spectacular deodorizing capabilities. This product is exclusive only to us and is manufactured locally in Dallas. Read more about Aqualux carpet-cleaning solutions.

30-Day Warranty

We value our reputation of quality and timely service and back our service with a 30-day warranty. We want to ensure that all our carpet cleaners give you a clean that is done right and on time – every time!

Prices Guaranteed for Two Years!

We will honor your quoted price for a period of two years. So the next time you need a carpet cleaner or dread finding a new quote – you’ll already have one. As a bonus, receive a free bottle of “Spot Out” stain remover included as part of the “Price Lock Guarantee” program.

Quality  Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied when we leave, no matter what the service. This includes stains and cleaning options that were discussed, evaluated and approved by Aqualux Carpet Cleaning and customer.

“Promotional” or “no charge” stain/cleaning services are not warranted by Aqualux Carpet Cleaning. Stains that were discussed and left untreated (per customer request) are not warranted by Aqualux Carpet Cleaning. Any stains that were pre-treated by you or any third party prior to Aqualux Carpet Cleaning will not be warranted, unless approved by our representative.

We understand that every home has stains and we make every effort to remove them with our normal carpet cleaning service, but due to the nature of certain stains we cannot guarantee like-new results on pet stains, pet odor, household odor, smoke odor, smoke stains and/or carpet yellowing/darkening, unless you purchase our additional stain/odor removal service.
Due to effects of normal carpet use (such as carpet fiber damage, discoloring, torn seams, broken tack stripping/baseboards or loose/rippled carpet), Aqualux Carpet Cleaning is not responsible for any of these damages before, during or after our services has been provided.

No More Pet Odor or Allergens!

We all know that our shoes get dirty just from walking around in public. Imagine walking through a public restroom and then walking straight into your home. Your shoes could track in bacteria such as E. coli, or viruses such as the flu or common cold. Pets, as cuddly as they may be, are also a source of germs. The oils, hair and dander from Fluffy’s fur get embedded in carpet. Some pets will even have accidents on your carpet, causing unpleasant stains and odors.

Your certified Aqualux carpet cleaning technician will be using water that is heated at least 200-240 degrees. Water at this temperature will melt oils and loosen ground-in grime, preparing it for extraction. Plus you will get the benefit of our proprietary AquaMaxx bacterial disinfectant. You can’t get it anywhere else!

This anti-bacterial solution is the most advanced product in the industry for killing microbes that get trapped in carpet fibers. The use of hot water and AquaMaxx will kill odor-causing bacteria and harmful germs that could spread illness to your family.

Fast Dry Time

Do you have impatient children and pets that don’t like being locked away? With Aqualux, you can expect a dry time of just 1-3 hours. This means that your household can get back to normal as soon as possible. Plus, quick drying time drying means there is no chance of mildew setting in.

Zero Residue

We rinse the carpet so well that there is no residue left in the carpet. No worries about a soapy film attracting more dirt!

Environmentally Safe and Kid-Friendly

Aqualux makes choosing “green” products a top priority. You can ease your mind knowing that we don’t use chemicals that are harmful to the environment of the Earth or especially the environment of your home!

Can you imagine allowing a toddler to crawl around on carpet that has been soaked with chemicals? We can’t either! Our non-toxic citrus solution is safe for even the most vulnerable pets and children.