Pet Odor Removal

We love our pets, but sometimes they “oops” on the carpet. Pet stains can be some of the worst types of stains to have. These types of stains need to be handled correctly or they can get worse and continue to smell. Fecal matter isn’t just stinky—it can contain all kinds of organisms, including E. coli.

Pet urine smells because bacteria feed on the moisture. The ammonia smell comes from decaying urine, urine salts and the bacteria. The bacteria will continue to grow as long as there is a food source or moisture. The smell can also contaminate your clothing and furniture, and it is not safe for the respiratory system.

There is hope for even the dirtiest carpet. Call Aqualux’s pet stain and odor removal experts. Our techs are armed with the best anti-bacterial product on the market: Aquamaxx Anti-Bacterial Solution. It is proven to instantly destroy odor-causing bacteria, not just mask the smell with deodorizers and perfumes. Our powerful, high-pressure truck-mounted cleaning system used with the Aquamaxx Anti-Bacterial Solution will get rid of your pet stain and odor troubles once and for all.


Our  AquaMaxx Anti-Bacterial Solution was introduced in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and is one of the most advanced anti-bacterial solutions used by a carpet cleaning company today. AquaMaxx provides instant control and removal of bacteria caused by spills, food, mold, mildew and other contaminants from daily carpet use. AquaMaxx is exclusive to Aqualux Carpet Cleaning, so ask about AquaMaxx when scheduling an appointment.
Removing pet stains and odor can be difficult to do; therefore, this process must be done correctly. At Aqualux our specialty is pet stains and odors, and our technicians are well-trained to deal with these types of issues. Our process involves replacing, cleaning and chemically treating the pet stains, not covering it up with carpet injections! Removing the bacteria is the only way to truly remove any pet stain and odor issues.

Although pet urine may start at the surface, constant remarking can cause a more profound problem. If the urine repeatedly settles into the carpet, you could end up with serious problems that need major remediation! Urine-soaked padding may require replacement. The sub-floor will need to be washed, sanitized and sealed. The front and back of the carpet may need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Whether you need this type of major overhaul or not, you can be sure you will end up with a clean carpet. Our technicians are trained and experienced to identify the problem and find the correct solution—we won’t prescribe a solution you don’t really need. We’ll guide you every step of the way on your journey back to clean, bacteria- and odor-free carpet.

The bottom line is that pets aren’t perfect. They do get sick, or have accidents on the carpet every now and then. Spot cleaning as you go is always best. However, if you feel that the mistakes are adding up and you just can’t stand that dirty carpet anymore, then now is the time to call for professional help. Let Aqualux get your carpet back to a family-friendly, odor-free environment.