Berber: A Great Carpet for Kids & Pets

February 27th, 2013

If you find yourself in a sticky situation trying to pick a type of carpet for your home, there are several considerations you need to take. Of course you can’t beat the soft, plush feeling of new carpet. If you have children or pets this may be a big determination when making a decision. Some carpets might contain materials that are not the best choice for your family, and some others might be too pricey. Maybe, you’re looking for the least amount of cleaning and maintenance in a carpet. Berber proves to be one of the most durable types of carpets on the market; making it a great choice for household’s containing children and pets.

Berber is great for living rooms, which are typically high-traffic areas.

                Berber is definitely one of the most durable and strongest fibers. Characteristics of this type of carpet include flatness and density. Berber is constructed from continuous fiber loops, and it can have the option of having a level loop, multi-level loop, or cut & loop design. Berber doesn’t show tracks as easily compared to other types of plush carpets, which makes this carpet the best and ideal choice for high-traffic areas, and households with children and pets. There are different types of Berber which include Nylon Berber, Olefin Berber, Wool Berber, and Polyester Berber.

Nylon Berber is the most common type of Berber found in the America household, versus Olefin Berber, which is used more in commercial type buildings. Wool Berber is the most expensive, and can classify as the luxury of the Berber carpets. Olefin is pretty inexpensive, and economical. Nylon Berber might be used in many homes since it falls into the middle of economical and luxury. You need to remember Nylon Berber comes in 2 forms, branded and unbranded. The branded options were tested to have much greater levels of stain defense versus the unbranded versions. Nylon Berber is extremely easy to clean, and almost stain resistant. Something to keep in mind is that Nylon Berber attracts oils, and might be harder to remove. But, Nylon Berber avoids the drawback of “crushing”, which is commonly found in other synthetic Berbers.

Wool Berber being the most expensive of the Berber family, is the top notch quality of Berber’s you could invest in. Wool Berber’s are typically non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which is great if you have young children who are constantly rolling around on the floor. Also, not to mention the wool fiber makes this carpet extremely soft and cushioned. Wool Berber also has the positives of being durable and stain resistant. Some of the synthetic Berber’s tend to attract oils, making it harder to clean up these types of stains, but not Wool Berber. If you’re wanting to “go- green”, then Wool Berber is the best option out of the Berber family.

Polyester Berber is produced from 100% recycled tires and bottle caps. Most of the caps used come from soda or food condiment bottles. This makes Polyester Berber environmentally-friendly, since it’s reducing the amount of non-biodegradable materials in our landfills. This type of Berber still has the great stain fighting capabilities, but it is more prone to “shading” and “crushing”. Crushing is when the carpet fiber’s bend down and do not reshape. Crushing is the result of continuously walking over the same area, or having furniture resting on the carpet for long periods of time. Polyester Berber is the not considered the most-durable type of carpets. Shading refers to the property of a carpet’s light reflection that can allow it to appear dirty or shiny.  Either way, these 2 characteristics are not the best attributes of this type of Berber carpet.

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