Clever Household Cleaning Hacks!

August 21st, 2018

Why wouldn’t you try some of these some of these clever hacks that can make clean up time quicker and can save you some dinero!

Cleaning with Food! Say What?!

Did you know you could use a piece of bread as a natural eraser? Think of it like a magic eraser! All you need to do is take a piece of white bread, cut the crust off, and roll it into a ball. To lift marks, gently dab on the surface with your bread ball. Make sure not to rub the marks, just dab! A piece of bread is also a great alternative to soak up any liquid spills.

Have a couple of potatoes lying around? Potatoes contain oxalic acid, which is an ingredient found in some commercial rust removers. Take a potato and cut it, rub the raw flesh on a rusty area. If you’ve got stubborn rust, try adding a little salt or dish soap to the potato. If you do use the salt method, you very careful of scratching the metal underneath the layer of rust.

For cleaning the bathroom tub, you can either use a grapefruit or lemon to break down stains. Cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle salt onto the grapefruit. The citric acid inside the grapefruit is a great natural cleanser and salt creates an abrasive texture.

Clean Your Shower Curtain In A Breeze

Over time, shower curtains can collect mold and grime. Yuck! It can be a pain to scrub the entire shower curtain, but you don’t have to do that! Just throw that shower curtain in the washing machine with a few towels, and laundry detergent or baking soda.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

This is one of the easiest ways to get all that nasty dust off your ceiling fans without knocking dust all over the room. All you will need is an old cotton or flannel pillowcase. One by one, cover the entire fan blade with the pillowcase. Starting from the innermost part of the blade, slowly wipe all the blade outwards.

Dust Be Gone!

Here’s a thrifty nifty tip for cleaning your dusty baseboards. Take a dryer sheet and run it along the ledges to grab dust and hair.

Has your bathroom exhaust fan become a fuzzy dirt trap? Take a bottle of compressed air to blast the dust away, just make sure to do this outside in case dust flies everywhere.

For dust layers on lampshades, take a lint roller to roll up dust with ease!

Remove Hardwater Deposits from Your Showerhead

Fill a bucket with a ½ cup of distilled white vinegar and 1 quart of water. Soak your showerhead in the solution for around 15 minutes.

Keep Water Stains Off Glass Shower Doors

Simply spray the glass doors with WD-40 and wipe it thoroughly with a towel.

Disinfect Your Kitchen Sponge and Clean the Microwave

Wet your kitchen sponge and microwave them for about a minute. Your kitchen sponge is now clean, and the water helps pry leftover food remnants.

Easy Cleaning for Refrigerator Spills

Cover your refrigerator shelves with kitchen plastic wrap. No more caked on spills, and instead of taking the entire shelves out, all you do is peel up the plastic wrap and throw it away. Voila!

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