Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Carpet

August 17th, 2018

Instead of chunking your old carpet in the garbage, let’s get creative! You would be astounded with the numerous ways one could take that old carpet and transform it into something new! These DIY projects are simple and more useful than you would think.

DIY Carpet Ideas

Cat Scratching Post

Has your cat demolished their scratching post or your furniture? Make them a new DIY scratching post with your old carpet. All you will need is a pre-cut plywood circle, a 3 x 3 wooden post, staple gun or glue, and some wooden screws. Simply cover the 3 x 3 wooden post with the old carpet and securely fasten it with glue. Take the wooden post, using the wooden screws attach it into the center of the wooden plywood circle. Don’t push the screws all the way through the plywood circle, so it won’t scratch up your floor.

Carpet Sliders for Moving Heavy Furniture

This is super easy, and extremely handy! They actually sell something similar in stores up to $25! Take your old carpet and cut it into 5 inch x 5 inch squares or circles. You want to have the top and the bottom with the carpet facing out, take a hot glue gun and glue them back to back (Both sides are the carpet facing outwards). That’s all folks! Whenever you need to move heavy furniture, just place these carpet movers underneath, and it’ll make moving a breeze.

Carpet Front Door Mat

This is another super easy DIY project and all you need is carpet and scissors. You can find front door templates and sizing online. Once you choose the size you would like your welcome mat, simply cut it. You can even use this for a patio/backdoor mat. This comes in handy if you like gardening and prevents dirt and mud from tracking inside your house.

Carpet Window Screen Cleaner

You know your black exterior window screens that get caked up with bugs and debris? This is a nifty DIY project to make cleaning these simple. Take your old carpet and cut it into a 5 in. x 5 in. square. Honestly, you can cut them into whichever size is the easiest for you to scrub with. Get a bucket of hot water and dish soap and get to scrubbing! During the summer months, these exterior window screens get nasty from all the bugs and dirt that gets wedged in between the netting. This is a great way to remove all that junk off.

Car Floor Mats

               You can use an interior car mat you already own as a template, or find a template online (Corresponding to your car make & model). Simply cut the carpet, and place at the floorboards of your car.

Gardening Cushion

Cut a large section of your old carpet and fold it in half to make it a rectangle. Folding it creates the double layers which give you more padding for your knees.

Dog Kennel Interior

               This is a great way to reuse your old carpet for your furry friend! Either taking cardboard or large piece of butcher paper, place it inside the dog kennel to trace a template. Once you have the template, place it on the carpet, cut and size it. Lay the new carpet inside the kennel.


               Besides reusing your carpet for new projects, you can also recycle it. Return your old carpet to a carpet retailer, and they will take care of the rest!

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