January 24th, 2016

Before we start discussing whether the topic of this article is True or Not, lets start by talking about why this topic is being discussed in the first place. Here’s the deal, Hot Water Extraction is one of the oldest forms of carpet cleaning still around today and still holds the title as “Most Recommended Carpet Cleaning Method” by consumers and carpet manufacturers such as StainMaster carpet. So if Hot Water extraction is so popular and recommended, then why would others have you believe otherwise? Let’s talk about that…

First, there are many different types of carpet cleaning methods available today such as Hot Water Extraction and Spin Bonnet. These are the main ones, but there are others as well, lets focus on the basics. The “Myth” is that Hot Water Extraction will delaminate the carpet during the cleaning process…is this true? The answer is NO…and a big fat NO!! This nonsense is spouted by someone that obviously does not understand carpet cleaning very well, knows nothing about Hot Water Extraction or is being used as a sales tactic by a service that provides a different method of cleaning. This next statement is important! Any carpet cleaning method available today can damage carpet if not performed by a qualified technician. But, that does not mean that the process itself damages the carpet! This typically happens when some clown does not know to clean carpet or operate the equipment correctly! Hot Water extraction does NOT delaminate the carpet…period!

Moving on, carpet is a textile floor covering (pile) attached to a backing. There are different types of pile such as polyester, nylon, wool or other synthetic fibers such as olefin. The backing is often Latex and is the glue that holds everything together, therefore making the carpet rigid. Another statement that is very important here. If the backside of carpet is cleaned with any type of heat method the backing CAN separate! But again, latex dissolves and melts when heated, but not by Hot Water Extraction during a general carpet cleaning process…that’s nonsense! Even Spin Bonnet (basically carpet buffing) will delaminate the carpet if done improperly causing too much friction (heat) and separating the backing…especially on the reverse side of the carpet! The backing of carpet was never mean to be cleaned anyway! My point, some would have you believe that the backing can be cleaned, yes it can, but it’s not meant to be! Many technicians clean the backing of the carpet to remove pet odor after a pad replacement. Does the carpet separate, typically yes if not done correctly! This is where the technician experience comes into play. A qualified carpet cleaning technician can clean the backing without separation. The bottom line, you could say that any of these processes could potentially separate the backing, but the bottom line is that’s not very likely done properly! Whether being used as a sales tactic or just poor knowledge of the carpet cleaning industry, consumers need to know the facts about the different types of carpet cleaning methods available today. Many customers have had their carpet cleaned by Hot Water Extraction 15-25 times over many years and the backing has never separated. The bottom line…it’s just not true!

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