How to Repair Cracked Tile Floors

August 15th, 2011

Tile floor can easily become cracked from daily wear and tear, and accidents tend to happen. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can chip easily when objects are abruptly dropped onto them. But, have no fear; there is no need to fret! Fixing a cracked tile is easier than you think. For safety precautions you will need a heavy set of work gloves, goggles, and an air mask. The first step you will need to take is to break up the tile. Depending on the size of the crack, it might be easy to pry the tile plate up. If it’s more difficult, place a towel over the tile section, and strike it with a small sledge hammer. Now you can proceed with the removal of the old broken tile pieces.

Next you will need to scrape up the remaining tile and residue with a hand scraper. Use a putty knife to pry up the remaining tile. You want to make sure you get as much of the excess glue residue off the floor base. If adhesive still remains, you can use paint remover to eliminate the rest of the glue. Once all the old bits and pieces of the tile are removed, you need to clean the floor thoroughly. You will need a broom and a vacuum with a detachable piece. Cleaning up all the loose particles is very imperative because it will greatly affect the work in the process of retiling.

Now, mix thin set mortar for the tile plate. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions closely. Apply the thin set mortar to the area the new tile will be placed. Comb the wet thin set before adding the tile; this will make the tile foundation sturdier. Now you can place the new tile plate on the combed thin set mortar. You will want to beat the tile softly for better adhesion and placement. Take a flat board and lay it across the tile, and then hit it with a rubber hammer. It’s important to notice the tile level, continue to strike the board until all the tiles are uniform. You can align the tile with a spacer to keep it evenly spread out, and then remove it once the tile has been positioned. Double check to make sure the spacing is even when you are finished positioning the tile.  Before grouting the tile, make sure to wait the allotted time in order for the thin set mortar to cure.

Repairing cracked tile

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before mixing the grout. Apply the grout over the designated tile area, and for the in between spaces use a grouting trowel. Then using a wet sponge, wipe the excess grout off of the tile.

Allow the tile to sit, and you are finished! Now, your tile floor looks as good as new.

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