February 13th, 2016

Well…well…well, it’s amazing how these myths come about and travel like wildfire. Yep, that’s the whole point of this discussion is to rationalize the the facts here. As with any myth, you have your skeptics and your believers…What say you???

The bottom line is “What color is your carpet?” Yes, this is a big deal when it comes to wear, cosmetic appearance and your overall satisfaction with your carpet. I am writing this because I am a carpet cleaner and have been asked this question many times, yet some just don’t understand the consequences of purchasing a light colored carpet. Nylon, wool or polyester does not matter! Rationally speaking, the chemical compound of the carpet does not determine whether carpet gets dirty or looks horrible through time. But, the chemical compound CAN affect the wear though. Here’s why, some carpet does not wear the same because of the quality of the carpet and the chemical compound that made it. Example, Olefin carpet (basically plastic carpet) vs. nylon carpet (a synthetic material similar to plastics) wear different! The Olefin carpet will wear much faster because of how rigid the fiber is, and it has NO flexibility. Once worn, it just lays flat causing a worn traffic area. Nylon is more flexible and is a more expensive carpet (typically) and will wear much better through time. They are different breeds of carpet. Hint: never buy olefin carpet! My point, the carpet cannot be blamed for wear through time. It’s up to the consumer to choose what will wear best for their specific needs via heavy traffic, light traffic or activity within your home.

Moving on, let’s discuss the “dirt & soil” side of carpet. As stated above, it’s up to you! It’s not the carpet’s fault that you chose “white” carpet! I will never understand this selection for certain applications. Carpet showrooms have many colors to choose from. From a “speckled frieze” to a “tan berber” there are too many to choose from…and you choose WHITE!! It does not matter what the compound of the carpet is, white is going to get super dirty no matter what! Even a light egg shell color will do the same thing. White or off white carpet is meant more for show than anything. The carpet is not getting dirty faster because it’s made from nylon, wool or polyester…that has nothing to do with it.

The bottom line, don’t buy white carpet unless it’s specifically going in a low traffic area…period!

So what should you purchase? Again, there are too many selections to discuss here. But, taking the time to consult with a qualified representative is important. If you have an active household, there are choices such as berber to choose from. We recommend a “short loop” as it will wear better and is much easier to maintain. It also looks clean and crisp like a hard surface. It warm and cozy is your thing, a speckled frieze (neutral tan) is a good choice and cleans up really well using Hot Water Extraction to properly clean and flush the fiber. Be sure to be honest with your “sales person” about the activity of your home as he can lead you in the best direction. When shopping for carpet don’t worry about the price at first! The reason is, there is always a cheaper selection somewhere in the same color and style as the more expensive option…you just have to ask!

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