October 25th, 2017

Of course, you can flush carpet right down the drain. For sure, if you don’t take care of it! Unfortunately, carpet is flushable and so is your wallet! Yep, too many times have I seen carpet used and abused to where there is nothing left! Then everybody gets upset because it needs to be replaced! Well, carpet is a wear item just like anything else, but can it be salvaged? The answer is maybe?

The problem is, most carpet restorative services is not done properly! This is about the only option to revitalize and restore a used and abused carpet. Many companies do not offer carpet restorative services because it’s too costly and most customers do not want to pay for it! Also, most general carpet cleaning companies are not very good at the process in general. What i’m saying is flushing the carpet to the backing and leaving dry enough not to cause over wetting issues is the objective. Flushing the carpet properly is super important and must be done correctly! Flushing is where you saturate the carpet to the backing and the solution puddles and then extract. This will properly flush the carpet (to the backing) leaving NO soil behind. This process will leave the carpet looking cleaner, brighter and restored. Typically, this process will take much longer than a general carpet cleaning and also use twice the product to perform a restorative service. This is why the cost is more to perform this type of carpet cleaning service.

Is it worth it? The answer is YES! Does it cost you more…YES! But, the end result is much more significant than not doing so. If you take the cost of replacing the carpet, your time, moving furniture, new carpet padding and everything else that goes with it, the cleaning cost is MUCH CHEAPER and very effective! The bottom line, is it worth it to you? Well, only you can answer that question. In the long run, carpet will eventually expire and need to be replaced, especially the carpet padding beneath the carpet. Here’s how the flushing process is done.

  1. Heat, Agitation & Vacuum is what make up the carpet cleaning process…a must have!

  2. In order for the process to work, temperatures between 180 to 250 degrees must be used.

  3. Most general (Non-Toxic) emulsifiers can be used with good results…NO pre-sprays!

  4. Agitation PSI between 500-700 to break-up the soil for extraction.

  5. Once solution trigger is pressed, use enough solution until you see it puddle…then extract!

  6. Follow the extraction by 4-5 good DRY PASSES…this is key!

  7. This process can also be used on pet urine spot, but must be treated properly prior with a UPT, unless removed and replaced.

  8. This process should be performed by a professional carpet cleaning service as most consumer grade carpet cleaning machines DO NOT have enough power to perform this process and this will damage the carper causing browning and odor issues!

In all ,this process works good for those looking for a newer restored carpet without the cost! Is this process perfect, the answer is NO, but it can turn older dingy carpet into a refreshed looking carpet for everyonme to enjoy. Hope this helps!

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