October 24th, 2017

Before we get going here, need I say anything further! If your reading this article and don’t know the “curry smell” we’re referring to then GOOD FOR YOU…your NOT missing out on anything! Not only does curry stink, but getting rid of the odor is extremely difficult to do! Being in the carpet cleaning & odor removal business, we encounter the curry odor problem often. I will admit, curry tastes great, but the odor left behind can be rather toxic and stubborn! The problem with curry is that it contaminates everything in your home…period! If curry is often used in your home, then pretty much everything in your home is going to smell like curry! Okay, so you get the point! Now let’s move on to the juicy stuff like how to getr rid of curry odor.

So what is curry? First, curry is not a spice on it’s own, but it’s a blend of spices formed to make curry powder. It consists of tamarind, onion, coriander, chili pepper, tumeric, cumin, fenugreek, pepper and mustard. Exactly, all of that just to make one spice…rerally! The answer is yes, and that’s why curry odor is so strong and difficult to get rid of! This blend of “Super Spices” releases an aroma like no other and infuses it’s smell into everything. In order to remove the odor completely, it’s a process and will take some time. By the way, most of the absolute NONSENSE you read on the internet about curry odor removal is exactly that…pure nonsense! You cannot remove curry odor by lighting five hundred candles or spraying every air-freshner know to man in your home. All that does is contaminate your home even further with stinky sprays that smell like crap anyway! Then you end up with a mix of odors that smells like curry and cheap store bought fragrances…don’t waste your time an money!!! Now, let’s move on to the odor removal process. In this case, we will pretent that a curry bomb exploded in your home and everything smells like curry! I know…I know, be patient…here’s the good stuff!

***Follow the directions “EXACTLY” for “COMPLETE REMOVAL” of the curry odor***

  1. First, stop cooking with curry people! Go to a restaurant and let them stink of their place!

  2. Wash “ALL” pots and pans thoroughly and then towel dry…this cut’s down on humidity level in the home.

  3. Please make sure “ALL” curry spices are thrown “OUT” as they still release odor from the jar.

  4. Use a mild bleach & water solution to wipe counter tops, stove, oven and other appliances and wipe dry.

  5. Wash all clothing, towels etc…

  6. Use a mild bleach & water solution to wipe down the walls, cabinetry etc…

  7. Mop “ALL” floors with the same bleach & water solution…let air dry!

  8. Change you air filter in the HVAC system.

  9. If really bad, clean your air-ducts.

  10. Any draperies, mattresses, sofas must be cleaned…

  11. Clean your carpet!


Your probably thinking, all of that to remove curry odor from my home! The answer is YES…all of that! Believe me, this is what it takes to get the job done right! If not, IT WILL NOT WORK! I’m telling you, we get calls from people that claim they have tried everything to remove curry odor and it doesn’t work! I’m telling you that if you follow these steps it WILL WORK! Just be patient and take your time. Hope this helps!

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