Smart Kitchen Hacks!

August 28th, 2018

Try out some of these handy kitchen hacks that will help organize your kitchen space!

Grocery Bag Storage

Are you one of those people who keeps a lot of leftover grocery bags? Here’s a great way to keep them all organized. Grab a Lysol wipe container and stick all of your grocery bags inside.

Utilizing Your Pantry Door

If you’re tight on space, why not try using the space on the inside of your pantry door for storage? You can buy inexpensive compartments and storage containers that you can hang. Also, think of the over the door hangers that hold shoes, use something similar to organize lightweight pantry items.

Reuse old pickle jars, mason jars to store dry produce (beans, popcorn, nuts).

Use a small storage container to keep your seasoning packets in order.

Organize all your cereal and chips in airtight containers to keep them fresher longer.

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Utilize the inside of your kitchen cupboard door to hang measuring spoons and cups. This can free up drawer and cabinet space and makes an easy “go-to” when your needing to use measuring utensils. You can either use stick-on wall hangers or even small kitchen nails to achieve this look.

Trash Can Hack

Sometimes we toss liquids in our trash, forgetting that this could potentially cause a messy cleanup time when it’s time to empty the trash. Here’s a handy tip to help absorb any liquids that leak from your trash can, resulting in a simple cleanup. Take some newspaper, and line the bottom of your trash can with a layer.

Produce Storage Made Easy

For easy organization, use file folder storage compartments to store produce like potatoes, onions, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, and avocados.

You can also use a magazine holder to organize canned goods.

Grocery List Check Off

Add a whiteboard/clipboard, on the inside of the pantry door to make a list of items you’re needing at the grocery store. This makes it much easier to keep track of the groceries you’ll be needing on your next trip.

Refrigerator Organization

Store your refrigerator condiments upside down in an egg carton.

Buy some storage compartments from the dollar store and use them to group and organize similar foods inside the fridge.

A great way to make top shelf items easily accessible is to use a lazy Susan.

Spice Storage

Buy some inexpensive magnetic spice holders from Ikea and hang your spices on the side of the refrigerator.

Cutting Board and Baking Pan Organization

Save some space by using a storage basket to hold your cutting boards and baking trays.

DIY Disposal Cleaner

For this you will need an ice tray, lemons, and vinegar. Simply freeze chopped up pieces of lemon with distilled white vinegar. Drop a couple of these cubes into the disposal every few days to keep the disposal clean and smelling fresh.

Countertop Organization

A pretty way to keep dish soap, hand lotion, and kitchen sponges organized is having them displayed on a small cake stand. Also, try using a cake stand to hold your salt and pepper and cooking oils near your kitchen stove.

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