October 5th, 2017

So why should you care about synthetic dyes? Well maybe you shouldn’t, but learning about chemicals that your subjected to on daily basis couldn’t hurt…right? Exactly, synthetic chemical dyes are everywhere and they are being promoted without you knowing. Everywhere you go, synthetic dyes are displayed right in front of you, but most people are tuned out and don’t realize how prevalent synthetic dyes really are! Let’s discuss it.

First, what is a synthetic dye? To clarify, there are many different types of synthetic dyes used all over the world. You have synthetic dyes used in food products and other synthetic dyes used in the textile industry (ie: carpet & rug mills). And yes, these dyes are different in many ways, except for the fact that they are man made and are a chemical. Although most synthetic dyes used in food processing or preparation are non-toxic, there are people that have allergic reactions to food dyes such as (red #10) and sometimes seek medical attention. Some food dyes are known to cause headaches in some people with a food dye allergy. So what does all of this have to do with the carpet cleaning industry? Why do we think it’s important? Here’s why:

Since synthetic dyes are a chemical, they tend to Off-Gas which is a VOC! This stands for Volatile Organic Compound and could be hazardous to your health if inhaled in large amounts. As for carpet cleaning, this confirms that a synthetic dye was used, which means the carpet (typically) is a synthetic fiber. As stated above, we mentioned food dyes and how they could affect you. Keep in mind, we are a carpet cleaning company and deal with all types of stains including synthetic dyes! That’s the reason we mentioned this in the beginning of this article. Not only can synthetic dyes set-off a food allergy, but they can also set-off a STAIN ON YOUR CARPET! So as your walking through the grocery store, beware of what you purchase. Anything from kool-aid to popsicles, most products marketed to young children probably contains a synthetic food dye of some kind. The point is that young children are prone to drink spills (ie: bright red kool-aid) on your carpet rug or upholstery! Yep, this synthetic red dys WILL LEAVE A STAIN! Same for the popsicle, anything dropped containing a synthetic red, blue or green synthetic dye will leave a stain…period!

Synthetic dyes are not the end of the world and have been around for years. But, they come with their share of concerns as well. Yes, synthetic dyes are here to stay and will continue to be used without the worry of a drink spill or two! Our recommendation is to use preventative steps such as a (sippy cup) for the little ones and beware of what your purchasing from the grocery store. From a stain perspective, many try to remove synthetic dye stain on their own. We DO NOT recommend doing this as we see more damage done than good! In the end, this will cause you more time, money and frustration with no acceptable result. It’s best to contact a professional carpet cleaning company to remove the stain without damaging the carpet.

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