Why Not to Clean Your Own Carpet!

May 16th, 2016

With all the new machines and store bought items you can buy to clean your carpet yourself, you would think, “Wow I can do it myself and all the stains, dirt and debris will be gone.”

You are probably thinking, “Why would I ever need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service?”

Well, actually let me tell you several reasons that might make you reconsider trying to clean your carpet yourself…

  1. Ultimately it’s wasting your valuable time , and hard earned money.

  2. When you use a store bought carpet cleaning machine it usually leaves carpet too wet. Once the carpet fibers have built up moisture, and if there’s warmer temperatures inside your house ; this will result in mold and mildew odor.

  3. It causes browning stains to appear on your carpet from over-wetting. These store bought machines do not have the powerful extraction that is only found in industrial carpet cleaning machines.

  4. Cleaning your own carpets tends to cause carpet to dry stiff.

  5. Carpet will need to be re-cleaned, in order to remove lingering odor and residue.

  6. Carpet padding can get wet from all the excess water that store bought machines typically leave behind , this causes permanent odor and re-soaking.

  7. It will only cost you more money in the long run!

  8. Your carpet will look dirty and grimy after you clean it yourself.

If you have major pet stain issues, do not even attempt cleaning your own carpets. These machines do not have the powerful caliber that is needed to effectively eliminate pet and odor stains. The store bought carpet cleaning machines are not powerful enough to extract all the nasty bacteria , and urea . Nor, do they put out the extremely high temperatures (only industrial carpet cleaning machines are capable) that’s absolutely crucial to kill the bacteria probably living in the carpet fibers, not to mention it’s probably sunk and absorbed into the sub-floor, and carpet padding. If nasty pet urine has soaked all the way through to through the carpet padding, it must be replaced, or bacteria will begin spreading! Then, you will be left with a nasty, foul smelling home.

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