Water Damage Services


Just because you don’t live on the coastline, near a creek or in a natural flood zone doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you! Something as simple as running a bath and getting distracted can leave you with water everywhere. Dealing with a flood can be incredibly stressful and frightening.

That’s why we’re here to help. Aqualux Carpet Cleaning can remove standing water and any contaminants left behind by dirty water to keep your home from being damaged. We use high-powered extraction technology, custom chemical solutions and special restoration equipment to keep mold, mildew and odors out of your home. Then we make sure to monitor your home daily to ensure no additional damage occurs.

Flooding can lead to property destruction. Severe flooding can damage almost everything in your home or building, including carpet, carpet padding, walls, furniture, computers and most electronic devices, documents and clothing. Standing water will seep into baseboards and walls, weakening the structure of your home. If the flood is on the second floor or coming through the attic, you risk a water-logged ceiling collapsing and spreading dust, insulation and debris into your living space.

If you want to save your home interior and personal items from flood damage it’s important to eliminate moisture and humidity immediately! Equipment that generates heat will cause the humidity level to increase. Mold and mildew will grow faster with heat.

Indoor mold growth can produce moderate to severe respiratory problems. Molds produce allergens that, when touched or inhaled, cause allergic reactions such as rashes, red eyes, runny nose, sneezing or even asthma attacks. Black mold is one of the most common household molds, and it can grow all over the house. Mold has a very distinctive musty and earthy smell, and it can take on many color variations. It cannot grow without moisture.

Common Causes of Floods in the Home:

•    Busted Pipe
•    Toilet Overflow
•    Air Conditioner Leak
•    Rusted Water Heater
•    Bathtub Overspill
•    Sewage Backup
•    Washing Machine Malfunction
•    Foundation Cracks
•    Blocked Gutters or Downspouts
•    Poor Drainage
•    Extreme Rain
•    Roof Leak


Water extraction is only the first and most obvious step in the recovery process. Carpet will have to be pulled up and dried, and padding may require replacement. Moisture levels will need to be monitored and managed with dehumidifiers. We will treat the carpet and sub-flooring for mold and mildew. We will also help remove damaged materials and install new ceilings, walls, floors and baseboards.
We treat every flood, big or small, as an emergency. You can expect immediate response from a qualified technician, who is trained and equipped to bring everything under control. Don’t take chances with your health or your property. Call the Aqualux experts and let our experience and knowledge save your home. Our techs are on call 24 hours a day to handle your flood disaster.

• Around-the-clock flood service
• Water extraction
• Dehumidifier and dryers provided for humidity removal
• Removal of flood waste (soaked carpets, padding, etc.)
• Mold and mildew prevention and removal
• New carpet installation
• Daily monitoring