Testimonial via mail from Ann

January 15th, 2010

Testimonial from Ann
“This morning at 9 AM your employee, Richard Cohen, came promptly to clean my carpets, tile grout and one lounge chair. He was extremely professional pointing out any problems I have that need attention, and explaining the entire operation. He had me inspect every detail of his work, explaining how long I should stay off the different floors and would not use a spray until I approved its use. I appreciate his conduct, promptness, general cleanliness and demeanor. He is not only a gentleman, but an honest one. He showed me every aspect of the operation. You are lucky to have this young man in your employ; he did not waste a single minute. I am going to duplicate your card and give it to our management company for them to recommend your work. The name of our management company is G&G Management; they manage many properties and, like you, take pride in their work.”

** SIGNED **
Ann O’Connor Raskopf

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