Nifty Cleaning Tips Using Alka Seltzer

January 31st, 2012

Although Alka Seltzer is well known for helping stomach problems and other illnesses, there are some surprising DIY cleaning tips. Alka Seltzer is efficient as a green cleaner, since it is mainly composed of aspirin, baking soda, and citric acid. These three ingredients are all eco-friendly, and this cleaner is extremely convenient since it is most likely already in your household.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

If you hate cleaning the bathroom toilets, then you will absolutely love this Alka Seltzer trick! Drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit until all the fizzing stops. Next, take a toilet bowl brush and begin scrubbing around the bowl. Your toilets will be shiny, spotless, and deodorized.

Cleaning a Clog

If you encounter a clog in your kitchen, using Alka Seltzer in combination with distilled white vinegar can help unclog your pipes. All you need to do is take three or four Alka Seltzer tablets and drop it down the drain, and then pour one cup of distilled white vinegar. Allow the 2 substances to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. After you have allowed the vingear and Alka Seltzer to sit, pour a large pot of boiling water down the drain.

Brightening Your Laundry

If your white clothing items are looking a bit dingy, Alka Seltzer can help whiten and brighten them once again! Simply soak your white clothing items in a one gallon of warm water and drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets. Let your items sit for about twenty to thirty minutes, and then rinse in cool water. To help conserve energy, hang your clothing items on the shower rod, or outside to dry naturally.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Glassware

If you have caked-on or burned reminiscence of last night’s dinner on your baking dish, we all know it can be a hassle to completely remove. Alka Seltzer can make this job much easier on your hands. Soak your kitchen baking dishes in hot water and drop in three Alka Seltzer tablets. Allow the dishes to sit for ten to fifteen minutes and then scrub the dishes with a sponge. The old food should come off much easier.

If you find yourself out of household cleaning problems, or just want to try something different, grab a box of Alka Seltzer!

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