November 30th, 2016

Have bugs in your carpet? In the event that you do, Sevin Dust is a product that you have probably heard of. Sevin Dust containing (carbaryl) is a pest control product that has been used by gardeners for years to control insects in gardens. Carbaryl is a common chemical known as Naphthyl Methylcarbamate used to control a variety of pests including moths, beetles, fleas, ants, mosquitos and bed bugs. These chemicals can be formulated into wet powders, dusts, liquid concentrates and granules. These products containing (carbaryl) are used on vegetables, lawns, trees and fruits to control insects. Sevin Dust brand containing (carbaryl) is known to be low in toxicity for insect control and is used in homes as a pest control treatment. The logic is, if it’s safe enough to use on human grade foods, then it must be okay to sprinkle on my carpet…right? Well, through time, this is exactly what has happened. Homeowners for years have been using Sevin Dust to sprinkle on carpet, garage floors, attics and around the perimeter of the foundation. The question is, does the technique have side affects from a sanitary and cleaning perspective. The answer is YES! Let’s talk about it.


First, (carbaryl) is not labeled for indoor use because of its toxicity. Human exposure from (carbaryl) can lead to nausea and impaired cognitive development. There are other linked illnesses such as cancer rates in dogs from garden chemicals. My point, it’s a chemical, no matter how you look at it! Sprinkling anything toxic on carpet is NOT recommended…period! So, is (carbaryl) safe…the answer is no! This product is NOT NATURAL or ORGANIC. Carbaryl serves one purpose, that’s for the treatment of insects in an OUTDOOR environment only! Any dust like product used on carpet is not advised, especially a chemical product! Also, if you have asthma or any other type of respiratory issue, have your home professionally treated…don’t contaminate it with a toxic powder.

So, can powders (of any kind) be vacuumed or cleaned from carpet completely? The answer is YES and No! As mentioned, contaminating your carpet with any type of powder product is NOT recommended. But, if that’s the method of treatment you choose, can it be removed? Think of it this way, you would not throw sand on your carpet…good or bad…right? First, it’s not a realistic form of treatment….and you’ll never get it out! Carpet is no different in that regard. Typically, the tiny particles will find their way through the carpet backing into the padding…it doesn’t take long! If not, the particles are surely in the backing (topside) and become stuck in all the cracks and crevices. Vacuuming the carpet will only do so much as vacuums only have so much power. Carpet cleaning is meant to flush the carpet fibers for both loose and stuck soil contamination. Does carpet cleaning work…ABSOLUTELY IT DOES,  but the cost associated in this type of (toxic decontamination) would be quite costly! Here’s the entire point, there are other safe ways to treat for minor insect scenarios. Contact your local pest management company to determine what would work best for your situation. Hope this helps answer any questions about Sevin Dust (carbaryl) treatments on carpet.




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